Thank you very much. I do not know how it works, but after a month of using your meditations, I am a different person, the effects are spectacular, you are a miracle worker, I have already lost hope that it will be better in my life, because I was a […]

Before our meeting, there was a lot of chaos in my life, I was often in low energy, I was unhappy and lost. When you came on my way, I knew what I wanted to work on, what to achieve. The sessions were very emotional for me, you guided me […]

Something wonderful. It soothes and at the same time stimulates self-confidence. It takes you to another world, where harmony and even desire trigger complacency and some invaluable beauty. Thank you very much for this spiritual experience.

I have been listening your meditation for a week, I have calmed down, I am calmer, it is easier to make decisions, even the difficult ones. I accept stressful situations with greater ease. I haven’t cried in a week, it’s a success 🙂

You know what ? This is my first comment and for a long time, whenever I think “I need meditation on energies” “today we need health” I get a meditation perfect for my desire. Not only. UNEXPECTED CASH works the same! Mr. Mateusz, great job, helps 🙂

I did this meditation in the morning and it put me in such a wonderful mood! I have been sitting with a smile on my face for half of the day. Something beautiful ! Thank you for what you are doing for us, Mateusz, it’s amazing 🙂