Frequently Asked Questions

State of hypnosis is a natural state of our mind. We enter in and exit from this state multiple times a day. It happens naturally and automatically when our conscious mind and attention doesnt need to be engaged in what is happening around our body. 

Examples of naturally occurring hypnotic state: watching TV, reading a book, daydreaming, driving, scrolling through your feed on Instagram or TikTok.

We can consciously recognize the state of hypnotic trance when:

  • We breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Our conscious mind occasionally drifts in and out, to the present moment.
  • Our awareness is increased (we know what is happening around better than we are in normal state of consciousness) and our focus is directed within.
  • Body hearth rate slows. 
  • We feel tingling in hands and feet.
  • Our body is deeply relaxed and at ease.
  • We can feel sensations of heaviness or lightness, body temperature tends to drop.
  • Movement and flickering of the eyes (REM).
  • You can feel feelings and sensations of calmness and relaxation embracing your whole body and mind.

State of hypnosis is a natural state of our mind. We enter in and exit from this state multiple times a day. It happens naturally and automatically when our conscious mind and attention doesnt need to be engaged in what is happening around our body. In other words, y

ou are hypnotizing yourself unconsciously all the time. 

However, you might not allow yourself to enter into a state of hypnosis consciously, (among other) because of fear, blocking beliefs, inability to focus, intoxication, need for control, lack of rapport or trust to the hypnotist. 

Every hypnosis is self hypnosis, the hypnotist guides you and shows you how you can do it for yourself, no one can be hypnotized against their will. 

I will discuss any concerns with you and make sure you are in the best position to use your existing experiences to learn how to enter the state of hypnosis.

You are always in control during the session, and you can come out of the trance at any time you want.

I am here to facilitate and guide you through your experience and so if there will be something that you are not ready to go through or you dont want to share with me, you will not do it.
Every suggestion you will receive is only a suggestion and won’t work if you won’t accept and agree with it.

Hypnosis occurs naturally in day to day life, and it is impossible for us to stay permanently in this state.

If during an online session, we would lose the connection, two things might happen:

  1. 1. Light – Medium state of trance: You will automatically and naturally return to your usual awareness, we will reconnect and continue the session. 
  2. Or if in Medium – Deep state of relaxation, you might fall asleep for a short power nap (up to 20 min) before waking up full of energy, when you wake up we will connect again and continue with the session. 

Yes, You will remember and be able to recall the same amount of information as you would from an ordinary conversation.

Preparing for a successful session is surprisingly easy.
Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be ready:

1. Peaceful mind.
Make sure that your loved ones won’t interrupt you for an hour and a half, and finish up any pressing affairs or tasks beforehand. Take care of yourself, while I will take care of you. 

2. Comfy clothes.
Sweatpants and a hoodie are always winning fashion choices. Remember about your tummy! Eat lightly before the appointment to avoid distractions of hunger pangs during our session.

3. Relax.
Now choose the cosiest spot around, where no one can disturb you while laying down and close your eyes – congratulations; 

Now for the techy details: you will need a smartphone with internet access and earphones with a mic attached.

We connect online using zoom. I will answer all your questions, and when you will feel ready, we will start a wonderful journey within, during which you will connect with your spiritual aspect and receive the transformation you desire.

At the end of the session, you will return to your normal state of consciousness and every day after this one, things will only get better!

Allow a half hour for your discovery call, we will spend some time finding out about you and the issue/s you want to deal with.
You will respond to some questions about the history of your issue, what you’ve a tried, what you’ve noticed, and what you’d like to achieve. 
I will prepare a therapy plan, and we’ll agree how many sessions you’re likely to need to achieve your goals.I’ll explain my hypnotherapy technique in more detail, and answer any queries that may arise.

Discovery call (30 min) cost £25.
Hypnotherapy sessions cost £125 (about an hour and a half), and £100 for follow-up sessions (1 hour).

For current offers and discounts, see the Offers page.

Payment by cash, cheque, bank card, bank transfer or PayPal accepted.

I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Any appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged at the full session rate, i.e. £100. Also be aware that session payments are non-refundable, though there is no time limit on when they can be redeemed for treatment.

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