Discovery Call

You’ve tried everything to fix your life, but nothing seems to work.
You feel lost and you want so badly for something–anything–to change for the better.

Imagine leaving your life in a place where there is nothing holding you back, physically or mentally.
Picture yourself being happy and free of negativity for the first time.

Discover how hypnotherapy can transform your life by reconnecting with your spiritual self and transforming every aspect of your reality.
£ 25
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Recognition - 1 session - 90 min

You are in constant pain due to an injury or chronic ailment, and nothing seems to help. You're at your wit's end and feel like there is no way out.

Imagine feeling that pain drift away into the distance as you let go of whatever is causing it. Imagine a life free from unnecessary stress caused by physical and emotional scars left by events out of your control.

A lot can happen in just one session. I work with chronic pain, stress and assist you in deepening your connection with your True Self
£ 125

Discovery - 4 sessions - 360 min

Life happens; the environment takes a toll on us; we build up a body armour to protect ourselves, and there's an enormous amount of built-up emotional distress from past traumas. We take on burdens and with each burden added on top of the other, we gradually lose more and more energy until we're just stuck.

The four sessions Discovery program is specifically designed for you if you have a lot of built-up emotional stress from trauma or from the aftermath of major life events. (e.g., divorce)
£ 485

Transformation - 6 sessions - 540 min

Six session package designed to tackle your issues head on and create long-term change.

Working together, we will identify and break down your problem, build a strong foundation for a new reality and program yourself with the best mindset, behaviours and reactions, so you can thrive in your new environment.

The goal is for you to move from where you are now to where you want to be- envisioning yourself happy and free from any old baggage. You deserve it.

You know what needs to happen next. Book Your discovery call today!
£ 725
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