Mateusz Bajerski

DHP Acc. Hyp., BA Philosophy-Interpersonal Communication, MA Cognitive Science Member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association

You already have everything what you need. By tapping into the power of your subconscious mind and your spiritual wisdom, experience breakthroughs that transform your career, relationships and life.

Portrait of Mateusz Bajerski - Certified Hypnotherapist with DHP accreditation, BA in Philosophy-Interpersonal Communication, MA in Cognitive Science. Member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Practitioner Association.

Spirit and Mind

You’ve tried everything to fix your life, but nothing seems to work. You feel lost and you want so badly for something–anything–to change for the better.

Imagine leaving your life in a place where there is nothing holding you back, physically or mentally. Picture yourself being happy and free of negativity for the first time.

Discover how hypnotherapy can transform your life by reconnecting with your spiritual self and transforming every aspect of your reality.

Ikona yin yang w sekcji przygotowania do sesji hipnoterapeutycznej na stronie Mateusza Bajerskiego


Why hypnotherapy?

The effectiveness of achieving long-term positive changes for different types of therapy.

Clasical Psychotherapy
600 sessions! 38%
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
22 sessions! 72%

• Hypnosis is completely natural state

• Long lasting positive results seen in 6 sessions

• Much more effective and efficient than other – classical methods of therapy

• Has no medication and no side effects

• Easy process – all you need to do is listen to my voice

• Saves money – doesn’t cost anything close to as much as classical psychotherapy 

• Works on repressed memories
• Hypnotherapy has real life case studies and is backed up by world-renowned research

What happens during the hypnotic session?

Preparing for a successful session is surprisingly easy.
Follow these three simple steps, and you’ll be ready:

1. Peaceful mind.
Make sure that your loved ones won’t interrupt you for
 an hour and a half, and finish up any pressing affairs or tasks beforehand. Take care of yourself, while I will take care of you. 

2. Comfy clothes.
Sweatpants and a hoodie are always winning fashion choices. Remember about your tummy! Eat lightly before the appointment to avoid distractions of hunger pangs during our session.

3. Relax.
Now choose the cosiest spot around, where no one can disturb you while laying down and close your eyes – congratulations; 


Now for the techy details: you will need a smartphone with internet access and earphones with a mic attached. We connect online using zoom. I will answer all your questions, and when you will feel ready, we will start a wonderful journey within, during which you will connect with your spiritual aspect and receive the transformation you desire. At the end of the session, you will return to your normal state of consciousness and every day after this one, things will only get better!

What happens after the hypnotic sessions?

The work is mostly done at this point. In order to keep progressing, a little bit of self-work after each session is necessary. 

The best way to achieve it is by continuing with my post-session follow-up care program: I will provide you with personalized self-hypnotic recording of soothing affirmations and calming music. 

The recordings should be listened to in between sessions – do not stop listening up to 10 days after our last appointment. Allowing yourself time to rest is also very beneficial, but not strictly necessary. 

Woman listening to a Spiritual Hypnotherapy session

Aftercare includes direct contact with me; once the session ends, you’ll feel differently things will be changing, therefore don’t hesitate to ask me questions or share your thoughts even if they seem silly or childish – it doesn’t matter how big or small of a question may seem because every person has their own unique transformation which is what we’re here for together. 

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You will change your life for the better.

You will be equipped with skills to communicate and connect with parts of yourself that may seem inaccessible. Furthermore, you will open space where there were none before, and you will move from trauma to triumph; from defeat to success. And in this process, you will shape into the person you want to become – even if it’s different from who you are today.

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