Simple Powerful Approach To Self Healing

My journey.

Embarking on a Life-Changing Odyssey

The Boy.

It was Sunday morning. I heard a scream of anger coming from the room next to mine. After a moment of silence, I heard crying. It was the cry of an 8-year-old child, living in the same house as me.
I immediately ran to see what had happened.
A small boy with dark hair and brown eyes was sitting in the middle of his room surrounded by toys.
No one else was in the room with him, so what could have made him so angry?

-What could induce this outbreak of aggression? Emotional instability? Maybe he just hit himself?

I calmed him and walked away to my daily duties connected with my university studies.

A few days passed and the situation repeated itself. Sudden outbursts of aggression and then despair. The boy even began to pull his hair out, creating bald spots in his lush hair.

-What on earth could stress him so much? What could have been the reason for such outbursts of anger and despair?

We (the mother of that little boy and me) decided to contact some kind of therapist as soon as possible. After a short search, we found the best psychologist and hypnotherapist in Poland – from now on I will call him “Dr. K “. We booked an appointment and set out on a three-hour trip to the therapeutic office.

Dr. K.

At the entrance, we were welcomed by Dr. K- a nice older man with a mesmerizing voice.

He invited us to the waiting room and then sat down at his desk.
I passed by a beautiful decorative pyramid festooned with crystals standing in the waiting room. The atmosphere was pleasant even though we were stressed out before our first visit. The walls were filled with diplomas, written thanks, and documents, awarded to Dr.K over the last 40 years.

After the initial conversation, Dr. K. invited the 8-year-old boy and his mother to a therapeutic office.
Through the open door, I managed to see a comfortable couch over which a few crystals were hung and one small pyramid. Dr. K. closed the door and the seance began. Waiting in the waiting room, time seemed to stand still.

2 hours passed and the door of the therapeutic room opened again. In the door a small figure appeared, a smiling, incredibly relaxed eight-year-old boy, yawning like he just woke up from a deep sleep. Dr. K. invited me to the office to discuss a few things.
As a graduate in philosophy and a student of cognitive science, I knew well how hypnosis works and what therapeutic sessions look like, but what I heard from Dr. K. left me in astonishment. He opened a completely new and unknown door in my life.

After returning home, within a few days all members of our household noticed a radical change in the behavior of the 8-year-old hero of this story.
Episodes of anger and despair disappeared, hair pulling and stress no longer existed in the life of this little boy. He was full of energy, cheerful and happy.

I decided to contact Dr. K.
During our conversations, he told me a little about the technique he created and shared with me several sources in which I could read the transcripts and information about some of his sessions.
I became more and more fascinated by the discoveries and the technique created by Dr. K.

Researching it more and more I noticed how much classical psychology, cognitive science, and spirituality were connected to each other.

At the entrance, we were welcomed by Dr. K- a nice older man with a mesmerizing voice.

My journey.

After another conversation with Dr. K, he agreed to become my mentor, teacher, and master.
From day to week and from month to month, I noticed that everything that Dr. K. taught me gives amazing therapeutic results.
The Imagotherapy session combines spirituality with psychology and cognitive science. Its principals can be explained in classical psychology as well as cognitive science and spirituality. Through this, it becomes an incredibly powerful tool for freeing from trauma, fears, phobias as well as for spiritual development and exploring the secrets of Akasha’s chronicles.
At an Imagotherapy session, a person in a trance meets with different parts of his soul, starting with the High Self, through Guides, Masters, Teachers, Guardian Angels, Archangels as well as other souls who have finished their incarnation, but have decided to stay in this frequency by attaching themselves to another body. Those entities derives energy from them and manipulates them as in the case of the 8-year-old mentioned earlier in this article. It is the souls of two other people that have been attached that caused such terrible attacks of aggression and despair. During the session with Dr. K, these beings were released, and the boy freed himself from stress and nerves.
I finished my studies and moved with my family to England. My name is Mateusz Bajerski and as a student of Dr. K, I have continued his practice in Southend-On-Sea, Essex.
About 80% of my clients have attached to their bodies, beings or entities, which to a greater or lesser extent derive energy from their carriers and control their lives. Houses are full of the souls of their former inhabitants, unable to transit to the other side. Each of us can make contact with them and carry them to the other side. If you want to meet your higher self, accompany the beings that control your life and develop spiritually, then the Imagotherapy seance is for you.

Here is a transcript of one my hypnotherapy sessions.

The session aims to contact your inner Masters to answer your questions.

Me (Mateusz Bajerski)
– My client.

During the session, you will describe everything you see. You will speak loudly and clearly.

(Introduction and deepening the state of trance)

Do you remember your favorite place in nature?
-Yes, I remember.

You’re moving there. After cleansing negative emotions and energizing, you move to the place in nature where you will meet your inner Masters.
– We’re there.

Describe where you are, and what this place looks like.
-We are separated by something like a stone. I mean, I went through something like a stone, which is supposed to cleanse me and on the other side of this stone is something like a giant laboratory, or something similar… everything is made of glass ………. but not everything, there are also columns made of such a nice green stone, a little spot for meditation. I created this place myself some time ago and I call this place my heart because if you could find it physically on my body it would be in my heart. Everything beyond this stone is my body. This stone acts like a border between mental and physical states. To get inside, I became an energy and emerged on the other side in human form. On the ground, there is the same symbol as on the border stone. … this room is round, there are four columns in it and I’m inside. There are also two people with me.

What do these people look like?
– One looks just like me, only more luminous. In a more spiritual sense, let’s say, something more ethereal, with light emitting from it. From its features, the light beats, and the other person is the creature responsible for this part of my body, 9that is for my heart. In every part of my body, there are “creatures” responsible for just one part of my body and they can connect, and then form, the whole body, my body.

Who is the first person you described to me?
– You can call him a Guide. This is my Higher Self. It’s just me in a spiritual form that tells me what and how. I’m translating this like something I do not know. This is my inner Master.

Do you have external masters, apart from you?
– Well, sometimes I travel around other universes, and there I meet some highly vibratory beings who sometimes teach me something, sometimes I teach them something, sometimes it happens differently. I have such various conversations with them.

Do you have Spirit guides above you?
– Are you asking if they are in this room?

Do you have Guides, Guardians, and Angels assigned to you or other creatures that help you to get through your life?
– I have a few angels that ………. I know about, I can always ask for something and they will help me.

Could you ask them to appear now?
– Yes.

Ask them to appear.
– They’re here already.

Welcome, thank you for coming.

Can you describe how they look?
– They look like … imagine the air, the white air and it’s like it’s spinning all the time …… and it’s like the shape of a human body, it looks more or less like that. They’re wearing blue robes, in various shades of blue, and that’s basically it.

Can they introduce themselves? What is their name, what are they responsible for?
-One of the names came to me immediately: ARIN.

And what is ARIN responsible for?
– The first thing that came to me was that it was air.

Does ARIN take care of you or guide you? What is your relationship?
-Well. It helps me when I need it. When I ask it something, it helps me, it suggests, like the rest of them.
In general, there are four of them, they are like teachers in this room.

And the others? Can ARIN present them?
-There is DEN.

What does he represent?

And there is IRI and ORI. What are they responsible for?
-IRI for water and ORI for fire.

Are they a representation of the elements in your body?

Do they want to answer a few questions so that others can read them?
– Yes, but they do not know if they will be able to answer all the questions.

– Because maybe it is not the right time to let people know. It depends on the questions.

OK fine. First question.

Why do people have the belief that Ego is bad?
– The first thing I heard from them is … that it is coded in people as a program. Because when a child is born, the first thing he learns is that Ego is bad because it is Selfish. This is the first belief, the first impression children get about the Ego when they get to know what it is.

And why is the Ego?
– Ego is generally needed for people here on earth to survive. They need it whether they want it or do not want it. To survive.

What are Akasha’s Chronicles? Maybe they’ll show you how they look?
– They look different to everyone. It is a place, a gigantic place filled with all knowledge about literally everyone, this knowledge can be shown in books, crystals, it can be written down in any way. Generally, it is gigantic a set of knowledge in which everything is.

Why was it created?
– This library was created so that everything was saved there, that is, it is a place that arose spontaneously in which everything is saved. It is like one big memory of one great creation that we are.

Does everyone have access to it?
– Yes, to a greater or lesser extent.

Next question. How can you take off bad beliefs and programs in the mildest way?
– There is no gentle / milder way. The only thing is when you come here, you people or us. We set our path, something we need to clean up and so on. We arrange with other energies/ people to experience something. They help us to experience something in return, and we help them to experience something different. Therefore, there is no easy way, because we have to experience something in this life. Each of us has choices to take and every choice teaches us something different, so there is no easy way because everyone will still have to choose.

Do we choose our destiny?
– In what sense? Do you mean professional or in general?

In general, what is destiny, can we choose and form it?
– Everyone has their own destiny, in general, the destiny is evolution, so that from our level, to become even better, we simply rise, increase our vibration, thrive.

This is general destiny, and who will we be in our lives, what will happen to us? Do we have control over it or everything is determined?
– Of course. There is no rule for everyone, we can determine who we will be. It all depends on how many programs and beliefs we have; if we have a lot of them, then we will have to clean up for longer according to earthly time because there is no time here.

Can we clean ourselves in the place where you are? Where there is no time? Can we enter into such a state and purify ourselves from all programs and accelerate evolution, our development?
– We go down to earth to clean ourselves. A good question is whether you should speed it up? Your lives are perfect for you. I mean, life, for example, yours is perfect for you because it will teach you this, and this, and that, and it is perfectly what you need to develop. You can, of course, speed everything up with the intention if you form the intention properly that you want to go through something faster, then you will go through it faster, but you’ll just have more lessons on your mind in less time.

OK, I understand. And what are the intentions?
– Intentions are like a word, and the word is energy. If you give the word the right energy, it will turn into whatever you want.

How to create such an intention?
– First, you must have your goal in mind, what you want to achieve. Secondly, you should give your word or thought the right energy, or feeling….how you feel. Whether you feel positively or negatively, it has a gigantic effect on the intention. The stronger the emotion, the more intense the action is.

Next question. Are these four angels ARIN, IRI, ORI and DEN programs or independent entities? Who are they exactly?
– They are my friends.

But were they made by you or are real…
– No, they are simply beings, they exist independently.

Can you choose your destiny?
– Depends on my intentions. I mean, I create an intention that affects my future.

Do Angels have a message for people at the end of this session?
– What they want to say together is that people would learn to forgive everyone around them and that they would learn that forgiveness begins with them. Let them understand that the whole world is a reflection of you and that they could forgive everyone else and themselves for understanding these words.

Thank you for the message, goodbye.

The ending of the session and personal matters were removed from this transcript.

Lightworker Mateusz Bajerski
Lightworker, mentor i hipnoterapeuta Mateusz Bajerski

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