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How to jump into instant manifestation state?

What are those rules and how to do it?

How to jump into instant manifestation state?
Our manifestation abilities are dependent on many factors. One of the most important is our emotional state. Our emotions determine our vibration, our vibration makes a ripple effect at quantum level, determining reality around us. Simple enough, but how to keep our vibes high and thoughts positive when we are not only ones creating the surrounding reality? During my studies, I discovered few basic rules of our subconscious mind. Be aware of them and use them, and you will jump into instant manifestation state in a flash 🙂

Does it sound awesome?
Yes it does!

OK, so what are those rules and how to do it? It’s very simple, but before I explain everything, I need you to understand a few things.

  1. We are all co-creators of our reality.
    That means that every each of us is creating his/hers own reality based on agreement with others. Ergo, We agree that others create a part of our reality as well as we create a part of realities for others.
  2. Everything happens in divine timing.
    Everything that happens is a part of ours and others manifestation, and it happens because there’s no other way.
  3. Furthermore, everything that happened, is happening right now and will happen is created by you, or you agreed that something or someone else will create/happen it for you. It is essential to understand that we are not victims, but we created and agreed to experience everything that happened and will happen.
  4. You are the divine creator, and you can do and experience everything you want.

OK that’s enough. So what are those rules that allow you to jump into instant manifestation state?

  1. You already are in instant manifestation state, but you are not aware of IT, and you let your past programs, beliefs, worries and so, create all the events in your life.
  2. Our subconscious mind works all the time, and it has the control over thoughts, behaviors, emotions and basically everything.
  3. You can consciously give your subconscious mind a goal.
  4. Subconscious mind is lazy and likes to make things habitual.

That all.

So, how to use your awesome subconscious mind to manifest things that you want?

You can do that easily, effortlessly and with joy only by asking yourself one question.

“How would It feel like when…?”
– I had the love of my life.
– I had the house of my dreams.
And so-and-so and so.
Whatever you want to manifest.

And then, let it go.

By asking this question, you give our subconscious mind a task to find and provide us certain feelings. By asking this question and letting it go (not making yourself consciously think how would it be) your subconscious mind will be obliged to provide you the answer and the feelings.

By asking this question and realizing it, you are planting a seed in your mind, and you are creating a vibrational blueprint for the universe to fulfill.

Jabłko. Unakit.

When you’ll learn how to keep these feelings constantly in your heart, your manifestation will literally appear in front of you. So play with it. Experiment, find the most effortless, easy and joyfully way to do it and be the awesome person that you truly are 🙂

Ah… BTW, how to learn how to keep positive feelings in your heart?

It’s easy: just make it a habit. Your subconscious mind will do it for you automatically. Just repeat this process:
Ask “how would it feel like” and let your subconscious mind give you the answer as many times as possible and in no time your subconscious mind will create a habit of creating positive feelings and high vibes.

I wish you fun, joy and happiness
Have an awesome day!
I love you!

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