The day I made contact with Mateusz, I was braving all kinds of emotional waves. What I found incredibly impressive was his ability to fine tune my presence and create tranquility in an instant. Thanks to his powerful coaching I was able to create space to explore why I felt the way I did and gain major insights. My energy shifted instantly as I discovered parts of me that were lying under the layer of limiting beliefs. I was guided to learn an important lesson in re-framing my thought patterns, keeping my focus on possibilities instead, so I can move forward in a clear direction towards goals that really matter. Coming from the deeper awareness has helped me to witness what it’s like to be in that energy and how the outside world responds. I’m still in awe from the shift in perception that took place. One minute I’m in the dark and the other almost complete zen. I would have believed an instant change like that is possible if I had not experienced it.