I have been treated for a thyroid disease for 6 years.
I decided to take a relaxation session and Imagotherapy because I wanted to normalize the hormonal balance of my body.
I have always associated hypnosis with the state of deep sleep, I was driven by the fear that the hypnotherapist would have an unlimited influence on me without my knowledge and consent to what would happen to me.
I was positively disappointed.
Mateusz introduced me to a state of relaxation, moved me to my favourite place in the nature, where I felt better than ever in my life. My fears and tensions were gone, and I felt light. I was able to control this state, i.e. I knew what was happening to me, where I was and what I was doing. Only my perception and feeling were different.
It is as if I was detached from negative feelings or uninstalled a computer virus from my mind. This state of relaxation and well-being continued long after the session. The difference in well-being when I was taking chemical blockers and the feeling after the relaxation session is incomparable in favour of relaxation. I found a way to recover from the disease. I wish everyone to experience such a great state of health, relaxation and tranquillity one day.