Thank you very much. I do not know how it works, but after a month of using your meditations, I am a different person, the effects are spectacular, you are a miracle worker, I have already lost hope that it will be better in my life, because I was a person with various addictions, a month has passed when a day I used these materials available on YouTube and after 7 years of wandering, my soul spoke and I understood how much I hurt myself and my loved ones, and the best thing is that one day I would laugh at such methods of treatment, I realize that I have a long way to go, to get out of everything and regain full awareness, but I just changed my attitude towards life, I spend time with my family, I’m calmer, I’m starting to enjoy the little things again, it’s so much better. Hats off to what you do, my only regret is that you live in the UK, because I would like to meet you for such individual sessions, I wish you all the best, and meditation had the greatest effect on me, “release your light”, now I know where I was in the past, but as I entered my heart and saw those scratched walls, I understood how I was hurting myself because I couldn’t come to terms with how vulnerable and sensitive I was and pretended in front of friends to be someone I am not, and now I’m happy that I am spending time with my family, thank you. Of course, complete isolation from people who aroused negative emotions in me, A healthy diet plus a lot of water daily and for this month I was practically constantly alone to find out who I really am and I do not want to drink alcohol anymore or take whatever, I want to live here and now . I wish you all the best with all my heart, because you are a person with a big heart.

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