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Spirituality – interspecies communication and more.

April 30 @ 13:31 - 17:30 BST

How to Connect Better with our Inner self, the Animals around us, and our Spiritual Environment.


Did you know you can communicate with everything conscious and willing to make contact with you? Do you want to find more inner peace and presence? Detach from stress and day-to-day life?

Once you manage to master this, animals will see you as a non threatening animal and will connect better.

The trick is to open, awaken and trust this ability within us. Animals and babies will gravitate towards us, rather than withdraw with a sense of fear.

Nature will become more open and more inviting. Our ability to notice and connect will become wider. Then we receive wisdom from the plants, humans and animals around us.

This intense level of communication is a skill that can be learned or rather reawakened within everyone, and with a bit of practice, it becomes natural and always available.

Using our natural ability to relax and concentrate, opens the doors to align and tap into telepathic communication with animals, spirits, plants, crystals, our planet etc.

I was inspired to design a workshop for people just starting their spiritual journey and those with more advanced knowledge and personal experiences.


“The goal is one, but the roads are many”


You can participate in the event personally or online via ZOOM.

The idea is to grab your phone, connect with me via zoom and get out of house. Go to the nearest park or garden and participate actively. I will explain the basics of connection with yourself and how to expand it to the nature around you. After that I will guide a meditation in which you will experience the theory in practice.

You will also get a chance ask questions , discuss and share your insights, ideas and techniques.

The principle of this workshop is based on The Sacred Economics – an energetic exchange, meaning there is a minimum fee of £10.

The Sacred Economics is grounded in gratitude, generosity and connection it allows us to walk through life lightly and karma free. Therefore you can exchange money or another resource for the energy, knowledge, and skills received. (You can contact me via telegram group. to discuss this topic further.)

If you’d like to know the core steps necessary to achieve the state of telepathic communication between species and find your way to achieve those goals?

Join us every Saturday at 13:31 – sign up today!


A bit about me:

My name is Mateusz Bajerski. I specialised in hypnotherapy, mental therapy, intuitive insight and meditation.

My human work is to facilitate change and help people achieve their potential. I aim to open an interdimensional gateway between the spiritual aspect and the mental – “human” aspect of you.

By connecting your conscious mind with your spiritual self, you will be able to see yourself and your life from a different, much broader perspective. You will find healing, new perspectives and answers to bothering questions. That will allow obtaining your goals in the natural ways, specially designed by your Inner Being for your human and conscious self.

If you’d like to find out more about my work or how I can assist in your journey, feel free to contact me or click here to read more: https://mateuszbajerski.co.uk/about%20me/

Why don’t you start today and join my telegram group? Click here: https://t.me/+6Eh_sjun2fs4YTlk


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Mateusz Bajerski
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